Camping Outdoors-A quick First Timers Guide

Camping Outdoors quick guide for the first time camper

Camping Cooking Tips

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Camping Cooking Tips
Preparing meals for an upcoming camping trip can be very frustrating. Try using some of these helpful tips next time you pack the cooler.

Cook Your Meals Ahead of Time
If I know I have an upcoming camping trip, I buy specialty cuts of meat, then marinate and freeze them. When it’s time to cook them, I drop the whole bag into a pot of boiling water and let it cook for about 20 minutes until the meat is tender, flavorful and moist. Freezing your meals also cuts down on ice needed in your coolers, plus the meals stack nicely.
Submitted By: Craig Phinney

Time Saving Tip
One of our favorite evening meals when we go camping is steak, baked potatoes and vegetables. To cook things faster, I always pre-cook the potatoes at home in the microwave. I then wrap them in heavy duty foil, put them in a sandwich bag and then in the cooler. I simply reheat them on the grill or on the coals with the steak.
Submitted By: Joni Hally

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A first timers guide to Camping Outdoors

When you buy the right accessory camping outdoors is much more enjoyable, mostly because you have the right gear for the right job. Camping supplies, including tents, sleeping bags, and back packs are just the beginning. What may be less obvious to you are things like a camping lantern, camping heater, or even a camping shower.   Experienced campers know that having the right equipment can mean the difference between a fantastic camping trip and one that was less than good.

If you enjoy the freedom and luxury of camping outdoors, choosing an appropriate camping tent is a necessity.  As a general rule when shopping for a new tent, get a tent that will accommodate at least one more person than will be using it. Don’t be afraid to spend money on good quality camping tents with a good name. Also consider 4-season camping tents for end of fall or early spring camping in case you get caught in an unexpected snow, or at least get a convertible tent.

Family camping tents may be a little more complicated to set up and take down, so it’s a good idea to start setting up the tent first at the camp site while it’s still light out. A camping tent will last for a very long time as long as they are properly cleaned and well maintained.

Good quality sleeping bags always cost more, but they are worth every cent.  Insulation should be the first thing on your mind when you’re shopping for a sleeping bag. Sleeping bags with synthetic fill are usually cheaper than down-filled bags, but they tend to be heavier and larger than down-filled bags.  Most sleeping bags have temperature ratings which give a general idea of how well they insulate.

Sleeping bags, if well cared for, can last for 10 years or more. When not in use, sleeping bags should be kept away from high heat and away from moisture. A word to the wise: some items, like sleeping bags and backpacks, really should be felt, handled, tried on and crawled around in before a purchase is made.

Since you will have to eat at some point it’s certainly worthwhile to look for camping cook ware and a camp stove in order to cook your dinner. A word to the wise, never use your camping cookware on an open flame. When buying camping stoves and cookware, consider how many people you will have to feed and how many meals you will have to prepare on a typical trip. There are three main types of material which outdoor camping cookware is made from. Aluminum outdoor camping cookware is light, affordable and cooks evenly. Titanium outdoor camping cookware is tough and light. Stainless steel camping cookware is durable and expensive.

Unlike home cookware, most camping cookware doesn’t have permanent handles, so be sure to bring a pot lifter and lid for each pot Cooking utensils and tableware are a matter of personal preference In general, a serving spoon, spatula and knife (or multi-tool) will get you started In terms of tableware, in expensive metal or plastic dishes and cutlery, and heat-resistant mugs are standard.

Next year you have all the equipment you need for camping outdoors so you’ll save even more. And I hope they help you have a great time in the outdoors and camping just as I have had.

So go camping outdoors this year, you’ll be saving a lot more than money. And if you need Outdoor or Sports Gear visit

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